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  1. Alfred says:

    Bruce :
    Sounds like Frank or his family must be going through health problems again for which Iโ€™m very sorry. However, someone is approving the comments weโ€™re writing and posting and it would be very appreciated if they or Frank or anyone with knowledge could just update us. Certainly any health issues are more important but just a few words would be greatly appreciated.

    Ummm the comments are not having to be approved. It is more automated than anything.

    So nope I would say Frank is MIA for now.

  2. JSB Crew says:

    I am still around and I still dont want to give up on JSB. So not pulling the plug just another difficult time but I hope to be active soon.

  3. RG says:

    Could you at least provide some help with the issues with JSB we’re currently having?

  4. Eric says:

    I have the game since end 2010, played intensively but blocked after the 2nd season because of the playoffs problem already mentionned….can you gave us help plz thxxx??

  5. Dean Allman says:

    I assume that means no.

  6. RG says:

    It’s typical. it’s been this way for years from these two.

  7. PT says:

    Does anyone have updated rosters for 10/11 or know how to add players or update them easily? No use emailing support about it as no emails get replied to!

  8. JSB Crew says:

    No easy way to add players outside using the ingame editor or tweaking the .plr file. Can be tricky so backup pf course.
    Otherwise importing a csv for a whole league. Trying to get our rosters out by the end of the month as the target.

  9. Bruce says:

    Getting close on the rosters? Will these be beginning of year rosters or mid-season or what? Were/are there some start of year rosters for 2010-11 that I overlooked?

  10. Dean Allman says:

    Where’s the new game?

  11. Dean Allman says:

    Will there be a new game?

  12. JSB Crew says:

    That is still the plan.

  13. JSB Crew says:

    We haven’t done rosters in a while. I was working on a tool to allow easy roster updates using online stats to be used with the new game and the current JSB.
    I just posted a roster set on front page. It uses the stats as is, so no tweaks to stats or ratings. The Warriors are great if you don’t edit the D ratings – ouch but it seems to be ok.
    Chris Paul was MVP. Lebron and Wade were top 10 and Miami went 47-35, second round out. Bosh was out for the season late in the year. Magic won the title.
    I will add another end of season one with some tweaks.

  14. PT says:

    Thanks for the roster update…

  15. nakachelaurent says:

    Where can we find the last version of the game , the updated rosters, draft files and the game editor ? thks in advance@JSB Crew

  16. laurent says:

    I am a game customer. My machine crashed

    where can I download the game again please ?



  17. Dean says:


  18. Alfred says:

    Any updates on the recoded in VS2010 version of JSB 5.xx?

    This is what I am looking forward too. Even if you want someone to just test it for you. Let me know.

  19. Ryan says:

    I want to create a city file so everytime I start a new game I will always have the same city information saved (population, economy ect.). Is there any way I can do that?

  20. JSB Crew says:

    You can either attempt to edit the .frn file with an editor (the file is not very edit friendly) from the default league you are using to create your new leagues or you can create a new league named default* ie. default2011 then click edit cities make your changes and then you can create your new leagues with your edited default league in this case default2011)

  21. JSB Crew says:

    I hope to release it in the next week. I am having a difficult time updating all the button controls right now. I will post it as a test build only. Thanks as always.

  22. RG says:

    RG :

    Erik Z :Me and my wife just enjoyed our first season of JSB. The game plays fine until we reach the playoffs. It seems only one of us can play our game, and then the schedule goes blank except for that one game. The only way around this is to simulate the rest of that playoff day. This means that only one of us can coach our game each day. Anyone else having this problem?

    Hi Erik,
    I have this problem too โ€“ my league has been going for ten seasons, and Iโ€™ve had it every single season except for the very first.
    Frank, can you provide some insight into how to fix this issue?

    Could we please get an update on this issue?

  23. JSB Crew says:

    Trying to Fix this today as part of the patch

  24. Eric says:

    JSB Crew :
    Trying to Fix this today as part of the patch

    Great news, was waiting for it too!
    Where can I found the patch and/or roster updates?

  25. Bruce says:

    JSB Crew :
    Trying to Fix this today as part of the patch

    Is there a patch? How does one get it?

  26. Jerry says:

    I need help from someone on here.

    I have a league I created that has the bug in the playoffs. The bug has caused one of the playoff series to be stuck and never end. Is there a way to reset the playoffs and start the playoffs over? Are there files I can delete to start the playoffs over or even to start the season over?

    I don’t want to recreate the league just because of this bug.

    Any ideas?

  27. Alfred says:

    Any news? Updates? Pending releases? ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Eric says:

    Heya! Good to hear that the patch is progressing. To clarify, this is the conversion to the new VB in the patch?

    Also, we have the league rolling so, if you wouldn’t mind linking it, it’s

    We’re in December of our first season and the commish and I are looking forward to any updates you have.

    Thanks again for the work you’ve put in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Jerry says:



    Maybe you can help me – my post asking for help has not cleared moderation yet. Here is the problem. I was in the playoffs of my league and the “playoff bug” got me so that I am stuck in the playoffs because one of the series cannot end.

    How can I erase the playoffs and start the playoffs over? Or how can I start the season over? Can I just delete a couple files? I don’t want to start my league over.

    Thanks for your help – Jerry

  30. RG says:

    Status of the patch?

  31. Dean Allman says:

    This seems to be vaporware.

  32. JSB Crew says:

    The patch should correct this. I plan on releasing it by Tuesday

  33. JSB Crew says:

    The upcoming patch should correct this. In the meantime send the league files so I can make sure. (All files starting with the league name)

  34. Andrew says:

    Does anyone have an idea how we can get the game play by play and the boxscore into one file ?

  35. Andrew says:

    Has anyone done a rookie file for this current rookie class ? Looking forward to the patch. A

  36. Jerry says:

    I have a new playoff bug. I just finished round 1 of the playoffs just fine. However, when I get to Playoff Day 8, where my scheduled Round 2 games are, the Sim/Coach/Box buttons do not appear and I cannot coach my game.

  37. Nils says:


    I have a new problem. I gave my saved game to a friend and after he sent it back to me, i can’t do the HTML Output anymore. The Game says “Access to an unnamed file was denied”, the same happens when I try to delete this saved game. Any ideas how to fix that? Don’t want to lose all the work

  38. Jerry says:


    More information about the bug I posted on 7/25. If I sim the first game of the series, I can coach the rest, but then the first game of the next series the buttons do not appear again.

    Also, if I open a box score of some of the playoff games, the attendance is a 10 digit number.

    Any thoughts on these issues?

  39. Nils says:

    @Jerry: I got the same bug! Don’t know how to fix that. Form the Second Day on you have to sim the whole day!

    Anybody knows something about my problem posted on 7/27 ?

  40. JSB Crew says:

    Can you send me the league files again?
    Sorry for the delay.
    I need to release an official patch soon but need to fix issues like these along the way

  41. Nils says:

    I sent you the file already a year ago, when i had a similar problem. that won’t help! everybody else, that opens that file doesn’t have the problem. i feel like like it could be because of th privacy settings on my computer or something. maybe something comes to your mind, because i don’t find the problem.

    another problem is that i load the file and it’s in the game April 15th, but when anyone else opens the file, it’s the end of the regular season, which means may, 2nd.

    it’s just crazy and annoying!

  42. laurent says:

    Hi Francisco,

    I hope everything is allright for you. I called you 2 times but had no answer from you. Can you please contact me so we can talk please. My mail is

  43. Bruce says:


    Any luck reaching him.


    We’d just like to hear from you.

  44. laurent says:

    I called him 3 times, left several emails. He is unreachable… What a pity ! I hope he is allright.

  45. JD says:

    Does anyone have the old roster files that speedysims published going back to 1979 1980?

  46. Chris says:

    Hmm.. I was thinking of buying this, but I am hearing a LOT of bad things about it’s programing. Can anyone tell me if the current build is actually stable??


  47. jack holmes says:

    Recently bought the game. Will not run, error message says make sure default 04-05 is in the jsb application. When I try to paste that file in the application as directed, it shuts down the program completely. Have been messing with this for two days with no luck just about to give up and get my money back. If anyone from the company is watching (i know thet probably r not-they have my money) please attempt to help.

  48. JSB Crew says:

    Did the demo work properly?
    Go into the folder where the game is installed, Probably C:Program Files/Jump Shot/ and delete the entire folder. Then try a reinstall from the link provided when you purchased the game.
    If you didn’t install the demo we recommend installing the demo after you have deleted the folder but it is probably not necessary.

  49. Ryan A says:

    Hello I am trying to create a historical file for the years 1980-2011, I I have all the data in a csv file correctly formatted (or at least I think), but every time I try to import the data I get the same message “player data file import unsuccessfull”. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestion would help.

  50. Jerry says:


    I sent you my files a couple times. Can you give me an ETA when they can be tested and fixed?



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