JSB Problems

Hello again everyone and happy holidays.
I guess its obvious by now that JSB 09 wont be coming out in 09.
We are not close enough to beta so I have no set time in mind.
My wife and JSB partner Nancy had a medical emergency and I have been tending to her and have spent very little time on the new game. She is doing much better now and I pray that she continues to get better.
Most of my time has been spent working on the current version of the game as we have been getting a frustrating number of reports about errors especially when it comes to the the All star break. It’s a pretty new problem and we haven’t had new updates recently so I am struggling to figure out what’s wrong. It doesn’t make it easier that its old code and since JSB uses totally different development tools I feel a little lost looking at my own code. I need to correct this first and also have to finish work on updated rosters. I’ll probably add a small feature or two and then release it as JSB 5.7. When done then it back to JSB 09 🙁
I spent a lot of time on the JSB graphics engine to the point that it’s taking too much out of the development as well. So I am going to keep it where it’s at now and move on to the meat of the game features instead. The graphics are a simple top down 2d screen with some physics based animations that allow you to see whats happening on the floor as the game plays and make choices on the fly. Its pretty cool the way it is now but I have more ambitions for its progress but will revisit it after beta releases and I can get some of your feedback.
The engine itself is pretty stable and all the standard features are in place – season, progressions, trading, drafts, free agency etc. I’ll try to give more details when time allows. (Not that, that happens much)

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