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Hi Everyone.
I wont get into any life details about anything at the moment so instead I will just tell you what the lastest game plan is.
The current JSB would not compile in Visual C++ 6 so I decided to convert it to Visual Studio 2010 C++. I have spent the last several weeks on it and its near so when it’s done I will release it. It should help with some issues like memory and crashes but will probably introduce new ones. This will end up being the only supported version of JSB and any issues you are having I will try to correct with this version. Keep in mind its still the same JSB so you probably wont even notice the “new” version of the old JSB. New rosters through the all star game should also be available at the same time as the patched JSB.
As for the new game that has been rebooted at least three times the only parts that I can call completed is the game simulation engine, a simple 2d animation top view, redraft leagues, custom leagues and a basic player aging module. The plan is to complete a solid one season simulation (Probably release for free) , then a version that has all the same features as JSB but with a better interface and better stability (free for current JSB customers) and then the full blown version with new features (free for those who were promised or paid for the final version).
Thats all for now. Thank you everyone for all your support.

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  1. Awesome to hear! I know that I have a league full of people who appreciate your efforts.

    Is there any information on the possibility of an XML output?

  2. @Eric
    Eric thanks a lot. The whole database is being setup as XML. Originally I was using a SQL database but thanks to XLinq I learned it was just as easy to avoid it. The only concern is that “Hidden Ratings” will be easy to read but it makes it easier to work with for myself and others. Let me know if you need a league link.

  3. Excellent! We’re getting the league formatted presently and expect to be up soon. You may remember the OBA… well, that’s us. Pete closed up shop but we’re going to take the same community and get a new one going. When it’s going, I will be happy to get you a URL for a league link.

    If 5.6.1 is a SQL database presently, is there somebody I can talk to about that? We’re having some challenges with page design and knowing how to access that information would help quite a bit.

  4. This may seem strange, but if you need help with transforming XML with XSL (thus creating “HTML” pages for stats, records, etc), let me know because that’s what my job entails.

  5. This is just sad. Put a bullet in this product. It’s beyond vapor ware — it’s just dead.

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