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  1. Hope Frank and family is ok. has anyone done a rookies file for the 2012 class ?

  2. I’d definitely buy it. The playoffs thing is annoying but once you figure out how to work around is ok. And future seems dim right now but for $15 or less you get a great game.

  3. I just recently bought this and I’m having an issue.

    I edited the 91-92 roster file and the new ratings show up when I do an HTML upload and in the player edit section, but when I click the roster from the schedule or any other place player ratings are different, perhaps the default ratings. I’m running a sim and it’s not going to work if the ratings posted online are different than the actual ones running the sim, and I don’t want to use the default ratings.

    Is there anyway to parallel those? What’s the point of player editing if they’re not reflected in the game?

    Someone suggested because I have certain ratings above 100 that it’s throwing the file out of whack but I don’t know..any suggestions post here or email me at ASAP please

  4. Hello there.

    Do you like writing stories and/or role-playing games?
    Do you like online strategy & simulation games?
    Do you like professional basketball?

    Still there? Well then, I’d like to tell you about something you might be interested in. It’s called the Online Basketball World League ( and it’s a high quality fictional fantasy basketball league. In the OBWL you assume the role of General Manager of a professional basketball team. The simulation is very detailed and complete. We do it all: scout, draft, trade, sign free agents, simulate entire regular seasons and playoffs until we crown a new champion every season.

    The rules are based on the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement prior to 2012. Each team has complete finances, a budget, and must navigate the ins and outs of the salary cap to assemble a potential winner.

    In addition, general managers write team press releases and cover stories published on our web site publicizing the league, its teams, and its players. YOU can create a persona for yourself (the GM) or your superstar player. Want to write articles about controversial star modeled after a Kobe Bryant or a lovable loud mouth like Charles Barkley? In the OBWL, you can! And unlike your regular fantasy basketball rotisserie league, you will be rewarded for your creativity with participation bonuses that help improve your team on the court as well!

    And just to be clear, this is an entirely FICTIONAL league. The teams and players are NOT the ones you find in the NBA. We strive to create as realistic a league as possible without resorting to “copying” from real life. The team would be YOURS and yours alone. The players, their exploits, and their personalities are YOURS to determine. That’s the real fun of it… why stand on the glory of the Celtics or Lakers or Michael Jordan when you can create your OWN legends?

    The OBWL runs off the venerable yet fun Jumpshot Basketball text-based sim software. This is NOT an online console or PC gaming league. This is a full-fledged strategy game more from the perspective of the General Manager or the head coach. You control the roster. You control the game plans. You make the trades and draft the rookies to try to build a potential dynasty.

    We’re currently looking for active, imaginative potential GMs who love basketball and love the unique role-play and writing aspect our league encourages. We’re not like other leagues that treat the teams and players like a list of stats or bubblegum cards to be constantly swapped. We’re a group of guys that want realism, tradition, and history to be a big part of our league and our teams and players.

    So if you are interested, please e-mail me at: commissioner at the obwl dot com. We currently have one opening for a GM, and would like to add a few people to our waiting list if you are interested. Check us out and join the fun!

  5. Ben

    Sure would be nice to have a game based on the current CBA and rules. But then sure would be nice to know JSB is still going to even be alive. I’m a bit disappointed in absolutely no follow up here or response by JSB now since last December. Frank did renew the registration on this site in February but thats the last I guess anyone knows. Seems like to those who have been loyal for years at least a simple update of his situation would have been thoughtful.

  6. Sure it would Bruce but, since we don’t know his personal situation, it seems that being paitient is the only option if we still choose to embrace this game.

    In the interim, if you are interested in playing JSB with the CBA enforced, check us out. We’re always interested in meeting people who not only like basketball but also like JSB.

  7. Bruce :
    I’d definitely buy it. The playoffs thing is annoying but once you figure out how to work around is ok. And future seems dim right now but for $15 or less you get a great game.

    Bruce, there’s a way around the playoff bug? How do you do it? I’d love to know this, as this bug has been a thorn in my side for many seasons.

  8. Has anyone by any chance got an rookie file for this years class. Anthony Davis etc.
    If so, could I please get a copy of it ? We run a very similiar league to Ben,except with current NBA players. Custom Teams..


  9. @Andrew: i can, but first the 12/13 nba season has to end, so i can fill in all the stats

    Has anyone foundn a possibility to:
    – 1) Change the Divisions from 4 to 6 like in the real nba?
    – 2) Change the Participants of the Three-Point-Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest and Rookie Challenge during All-Star Weekend? Or can you at least tell me what’s the defyning stats for the contests?

  10. Hi,

    I run an online league using your software and it’s the best I’ve found so far. I have one problem with a few teams where the html output displays “messed up” boxscores through the HTML. This only happens in the HTML code generation since the in-software boxscores are not affected liek this. This seems is consistent for a few teams and completely dependent on whether or not they are playing at home or on the road. I’ve searched high and low within the software to find out if a particular setting might be the cause, but I’ve found nothing out of the ordinary.

    If anyone has a suggestion, I’d greatl appreciate any help. Thanks.

    P.S. I tried to post a screen shot, but I can’t seem to do it in this comment section.

  11. Has anyone had an issue generating the play by play output for the All Star Game/ Rookie/Sophomore Game. Not the box scores, but the game flow ?


  12. I cannot get past the training camp part. The “end training camp” button stays grayed out. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. I have my registration number from an older version of the game that was lost due to a virus.

    How do I input the number on the current version of the game?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Doesn’t seem to be anything new..

    Has anyone out there tried with success to modify the injuries file to reduce frequency and severity ?

    I’ve modified the injuries.csv, which sometimes works, but also tends to crash the Simulator.

  15. it worked for me with the injury file without any problem.

    is there anything new on this simulation? at least support? guys, you own this to us! please, react in any way here!

  16. Nils, this sim seems done. The last update contained “personal hardships” and “I will not be able to continue development on the game” along with “We will also continue to support it as best we can.”

    What that says to me is what you have is what you get. I presume you’ve emailed with support requests so, if that’s not even generating a response, then I say JSB is dead… long live JSB.

  17. Eric, can I have a full version of the game? I’ve been a player of JSB since 2008 but never really had the chance to buy one due to failure to get a credit card. It has been a dream of mine to try the full version.

    I only have the 04-05 file as the new website forgot to add the 10-11 file from the old website

  18. I have wondered, is there a Season 2007-08 in existence for Jump Shot Basketball? If so, where can I find/download a copy? If anybody here reads this and has the 2007-08 Season, could they please email a copy to me? Greatly appreciated, thanks…


  19. I have wondered, is there a Season 2007-08 in existence for Jump Shot Basketball? If so, where can I find/download a copy? If anybody here reads this and has the 2007-08 Season, could they please email a copy to me? Greatly appreciated, thanks…

    …my email address is

  20. Is there a 2007-08 NBA Season available? Is there a 2007-08 NBA Season available? Is there a 2007-08 NBA Season available?

    Send me one

  21. Hello,

    I bought your game a few years back and I was wondering if it is possible to have the source code of it ? I don’t want to have any commercial use of it, it’s just that this simulation is the best out there and we want (Myself and other few professional developpers in France that regularly play the game) to be able to carry on your torch. I am definitely willing to send it back to you after each update so you can keep on earning some money out of it (I mean you created the damn game you should get rewarded for it).

    If you had some time to work with us on this,propose idead or give us your advice and feedback from previous developments we would gladly love to partake in this adventure of yours and have you guide us through this.

    Thanks again for the thousands of hours of fun that you provided through JSB and I hope you’ll hear our request to have this game improve again for years to come.

    I know it’s a long shot but if you ever come across this email, please let us know what you think of it all. I mean even if you didn’t want to share the source code (which is understandable as it is your baby) I’d still would love to hear from you and the story behind this awesome gaome of yours. I still connect to this site every month in hope for a release, I’d love to develop that release 😉

    I hope you have grieved from all the personal hardship you suffered in the past and that at this time you found peace and hapiness with your loved ones.

    Sincerly yours,

  22. Anyone have the roster files that speedysims created for 1980, like…10-15 years ago? Long shot, since I doubt anyone checks this anymore…

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