JSB 09 Ratings System

Quick post about the ratings sytem in JSB 09.
JSB will feature different rating systems including a hdden system. You;ll be able to make notes on a player report and based on stats and descriptions you can enter your own “ratings”
Other than that we still have 1-99 available but they will be normalized so an average player rating will always be 50 and the rest of the ratings for a category will be distributed on a curve. We hope this makes it easier to glance at some numbers and quickly determine just how good he is in that area.

2 thoughts on “JSB 09 Ratings System”

  1. How will the “notes” on a player report card affect online leagues? Same goes with the hidden ratings. I guess I’m just wondering what this will be like for people in online leagues. Also, any changes we can expect just in general for online leagues?

  2. Ryan,
    The ratings will be an option. They can be shown accurately, withing a certain range, or not at all. Either way the scout feedback should be enough to get a good gauge on all player skills.
    The online leagues should be more user friendly – import/export tools. Also the league database will be XML based which anyone with some XSLT skills will be able to make some nice looking sites without two much trouble. The game will use default stylesheets to create the default HTML Output.

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