JSB 2009 Development Notes

We are currently working on the brand new version of Jump Shot Basketball. This version will be free to anyone who purchases the current version of our game between now and November 1st. The game is being designed using Visual C# 2008 and WPF. WPF is a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based application. This is fairly new technology that I needed to learn but I now have a full grasp of it and allows development of the game to come much easier. It is very powerful and allows some features that I didn’t think possible. The game will feature realistic full sequences that will play out in an animated full court display and will be completely customizable and realistic. We have stopped and started this project several times in the past and started from scratch on several occasions but we are far enough along that we wont be starting over again.
Please check back for more updates as we continue along.

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