JSB new version officially canceled

Hi everybody,
With all the personal hardships that we have experienced, I will not be able to continue development on the game. In my heart I want to say that I will go back to it, considering how I really loved creating and evolving JSB but that’s not fair to anyone to go on with an empty wish.
JSB as is will continue to be available. We will also continue to support it as best we can.
Bless you and thank you all.

4 thoughts on “JSB new version officially canceled”

  1. Very sorry to hear about your hardships. My prayers and thoughts go out to you for having things improve these holidays and into 2013.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work on Jump Shot Basketball! I’ve been using it every week to help create results for the Furry Basketball Association, a fusion I made from my love of both basketball and the furry fandom. Your tools have given me the chance to grow our fantasy league in a way I could never had done myself.

  2. Hate to hear about the problems that your going through and want to extend my thoughts and prayers to you and yours also. Your creation to me and many others is by far the best pro basketball simulation i have seen and hate to hear it wont progress further for now but I do want to thank you for your dedication and commitment you made. Finally, I recently tried to purchase the full version but had no success, I’m still interested in acquiring it and any help would greatly be appreciated.

  3. Sorry to hear that,

    Thanks for everything you made and for the pleasure you brought. JSB and jumpshot should never disappear.

    Warm feelings,

  4. Love this game still. This is still the king of play by play basketball games as you get to call the plays a feature missing from the mainstream games. It is still ahead of its time.

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