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  1. Jus saw this you are shot out.
    I have no idea what you mean but nice hearing from you. I think ha ha

  2. I have 2 questions!

    1. Can I select a year for players? (So that I can get favorite player{C. Webber})

    2 Will this game run on Windows 2000

  3. Hello there.

    Do you like writing stories and/or role-playing games?
    Do you like online strategy & simulation games?
    Do you like professional basketball?

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    The rules are based on the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement prior to 2012. Each team has complete finances, a budget, and must navigate the ins and outs of the salary cap to assemble a potential winner.

    In addition, general managers write team press releases and cover stories published on our web site publicizing the league, its teams, and its players. YOU can create a persona for yourself (the GM) or your superstar player. Want to write articles about controversial star modeled after a Kobe Bryant or a lovable loud mouth like Charles Barkley? In the OBWL, you can! And unlike your regular fantasy basketball rotisserie league, you will be rewarded for your creativity with participation bonuses that help improve your team on the court as well!

    And just to be clear, this is an entirely FICTIONAL league. The teams and players are NOT the ones you find in the NBA. We strive to create as realistic a league as possible without resorting to “copying” from real life. The team would be YOURS and yours alone. The players, their exploits, and their personalities are YOURS to determine. That’s the real fun of it… why stand on the glory of the Celtics or Lakers or Michael Jordan when you can create your OWN legends?

    The OBWL runs off the venerable yet fun Jumpshot Basketball text-based sim software. This is NOT an online console or PC gaming league. This is a full-fledged strategy game more from the perspective of the General Manager or the head coach. You control the roster. You control the game plans. You make the trades and draft the rookies to try to build a potential dynasty.

    We’re currently looking for active, imaginative potential GMs who love basketball and love the unique role-play and writing aspect our league encourages. We’re not like other leagues that treat the teams and players like a list of stats or bubblegum cards to be constantly swapped. We’re a group of guys that want realism, tradition, and history to be a big part of our league and our teams and players.

    So if you are interested, please e-mail me at: commissioner at the obwl dot com. We currently have one opening for a GM, and would like to add a few people to our waiting list if you are interested. Check us out and join the fun!

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