• Season Import Functions – Import an entire past season using basketball stats available on the internet. Play classic seasons.
  • Rookie Draft Files – Import draft files from any season. Edit the rookies to your liking. Easily create rookie files in excel or notepad. You can enter the college stats and let the game do the rest.
  • HTML Web Reports – View the player stats in your browser. Create your own team page or run a complete league complete with pages for all teams and players
  • Finances – Generate revenue by building an arena, setting ticket prices or moving to a new city. Build the most profitable team in the basketball business and gain the advantage.
  • Free Agency – Compete with other teams for free agent talent. Featuring NBA style cap rules.
  • Career Play – Begin the Basketball dynasty. Players age, improve and decline at different rates. Draft that rookie you need to help put you over the top.
  • Staff Hiring Period – Compete for Scouts, Coaches and General Managers that age, retire, resign, and switch teams.
  • Control anywhere from 1 to 32 teams – Coach the games or control the off court decisions.
  • Trades – Select up to up to five players or draft picks a side. Accept trade proposals from a crafty computer GM. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Put players on the trading block.
  • Players, contracts, teams, and schedules – Complete basketball stats, ratings and schedules allow you to recreate and create basketball history.
  • Player editor – Make all the changes you want or create brand new players.
  • League editor – Design your own league complete with your own divisions and playoff format. A complete draft module allows you to compete with other GM’s in hopes of putting together your dream team. Create a fictional basketball player universe or expand your current league.
  • Complete Stats – Includes unique stats you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring our exclusive true ratings that estimate a players true value to the team by the number of wins gained when in the lineup.
  • Realistic Results – All the basketball statistics and ratings are combined in the game to give your players and teams very realistic results. But be warned, try to take a player like Kerr off the old Bulls and notice how he struggles more without the benefit of teammates creating shots for him.
  • Make all the calls – Go to your go to guy down the stretch or double team your opponents main player. Just be aware of your choices. Trying to double Shaq with Lebron on the court could mean a loss. Call a players number too much on offense and the shot opportunities will dwindle.
  • Depth charts – Set the game strategy at each position and let your assistant computer coach handle the game substitutions. Your players get the minutes they deserve.
  • Save Game Results – Save or print boxscores and play by play logs for every team in a league.
  • Complete Career Statistics – Track complete statistics and awards for every player that has appeared in the game.
  • Playoffs – Defense goes up a notch, teams shorten their bench as they play for the ring. Complete statistics and records are saved.

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