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  1. Thakfu says:

    The only real issue is we dont have playoff box scores… the problem works itself out when season 2 starts…. but by then the boxes are lost.

    Also… one other thing has cropped up…. we play WITHOUT 3 pointers and the players were all created with 0 / 0 for 3PA / 3PM… now guys are getting some rather crazy numbers for 3PA. As you can see here….

    guys have numbers in the negative…. i understand this doesnt matter too much cuz they wont shoot anyways… I just worry this might affect other things, such as what shots they take and things such as what they demand in free agency.

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Yes, I realize my league is a bit unconventional… lol

  2. RG says:

    Ross :
    Thanks for adding the IBL to your site – we did recently change websites, so I figured you might want our new URL –
    Thanks! Can’t wait for JSB 09!

    Just a reminder.

  3. Gabe Gador says:

    Frank – Sorry to hear about nancy I hope she is doing much better.

    So on a clean install of the latest version, what would I do if I’m asked for a license #? If I uninstall my existing version (5.0), wouldn’t that blow out my current license?

  4. tom connors says:

    any cjhance for an answer to my query above?

  5. jim arnold says:

    I have the one that’s copyrighted 2007 and I can’t load historical draft for 1988-89 or beyond. Why? I have been and it just stopped. What do I do?

  6. jim arnold says:

    @jim arnold

    That was version 5.6

  7. Marc says:

    I am still using version 5.5. How do I get the updated version. I’ve emailed shotsports several times, and never got an answer. Thanks in advance, I love the game and look forward to future releases.

  8. Joe says:

    I bought this game about 4 years ago. And when I was putting all my files into my new hard drive and seen it so I went a dusted it off and went to start it up and it says. INSTALLATION ERROR: Please Ensure the default League file: Default_04-05.lge is located in the same folder as jumpshot.exe. But the Default_04-05.lge is there. I know I did not play this game for about a year or so but I put alot of work on this game for the Historical.xls I updated players till 2006 and did the 2007 draft class and then I stop for well long time. What do I need to do get this game up and running again thanks

  9. Mark Moe says:


    I purchased the game a while back and have version 5.55. How do I get it updated to version 5.61? I can only find a link for the full demo version.


  10. Shane says:

    Hows things coming with the game any progress ?

    How is your wife doing ?

  11. James says:

    Where can I find my license code that I used during the install? I am ashamed to admit, I forgot to write it down. Are we going to need that when we get the new game?

  12. JSB Crew says:

    Email us with name and email you registered with and we can add you to the list for the new version and send you the current one.

  13. Rob says:

    Just bought the game, it errors and shuts down once you start simulating the game in both 07-08 and 08-09. It has done this about 20 times. Awesome.

  14. Abraham says:

    I just bought JSB and when I start to simulate the games an error message pops up “JSB executable stopped working” My OS is Vista. Any suggestions?

  15. JSB Crew says:

    Ok, I just realized today that Vista users should run JSB as administrator. I dont know why but when I run normal any deleted files even after emptied from recycler can still be read. Any ideas? Anyway can we start over? Uninstall the current version, delete the folder and then run as admin and tell me what happens. I’m not sure if this solves the recent issues but I’d like to find out.

  16. Thakfu says:

    Frank any chance to check into the issue I brought forth?


  17. Ben says:

    I recently purchased the new JSB and I recieved the link on my email. My laptop that had the game on it crashed and I’m getting a new one. I wanted to know if it was possible to get it on my new computer?

  18. Tim says:


    Probably a simple question, but I can’t seem to locate the HTML files once I run the HTML Output tool. There are no files in the Output folder and the help feature doesn’t seem to provide an answer (or at least one that I understand). Where should I look for them?



  19. Steve says:

    I bought the game friday night and downloaded the 08-09 rosters. After making a trade and signing a couple free agents the game crashed on me and now it won’t play because it tells me there’s was an early termination error. I forgot to add the receipt screen to my favorites so I can’t re-download the game without repaying and I don’t have the email to directly talk to support. Please help.

  20. Isaac says:

    Game doesn’t progress to the 2nd season if doing a fictional draft when setting up the league. It has the progress bar ‘grayed’ out

  21. jim arnold says:

    I have version 5.6 and was playing fine and all of a sudden I get error messages, no standings, can’t check out draft prospects,etc JSB error. How do I fix? Is it a computer or a game problem. I run windows 2003.

  22. Dean Allman says:

    Is this project dead?

  23. JSB Crew says:

    No, just working out some “off the field” troubles but still doing some work on the game whenever possible. I will post updates asap.

  24. Nils says:


    Is there a possibility to update the division system? It’s still just 4 divisions instead of 6!?

  25. Dean says:

    No update????

  26. Ken says:

    Just wanted to let you know that JSB really hates windows 7

  27. Dean Allman says:

    Any way to get the current version of the game?

  28. Erik Z says:

    Me and my wife just enjoyed our first season of JSB. The game plays fine until we reach the playoffs. It seems only one of us can play our game, and then the schedule goes blank except for that one game. The only way around this is to simulate the rest of that playoff day. This means that only one of us can coach our game each day. Anyone else having this problem?

  29. Tim says:

    this game keeps crashing on me. i run vista. i keep getting an exception code: c0000005
    any reasons why? i’m running as administrator. i also right-clicked desktop icon, went to properties and checked to run windows xp serve pack 2 compatibility mode.

  30. JSB Crew says:

    I am working on the rosters and draft files as much as possible this weekend.

  31. jawbrkr says:

    I have the same issue with this game. It keeps crashing on me when i run it on windows7.

  32. RG says:

    Erik Z :Me and my wife just enjoyed our first season of JSB. The game plays fine until we reach the playoffs. It seems only one of us can play our game, and then the schedule goes blank except for that one game. The only way around this is to simulate the rest of that playoff day. This means that only one of us can coach our game each day. Anyone else having this problem?

    Hi Erik,

    I have this problem too – my league has been going for ten seasons, and I’ve had it every single season except for the very first.

    Frank, can you provide some insight into how to fix this issue?

  33. jawbrkr says:

    I bought this game a few weeks ago and it kind of bothers me when i don’t get a response to emails i send or posts I put up. One of my posts was deleted with no response. I am sure you are all busy but all it takes is 5 minutes to respond, if that. As someone who paid money for this game I think I deserve 5 mins of your time to answer a simple question. Especially if I encountering problems while playing this game.

  34. Moisés says:

    Need files of the draft of 2004, 2006 and 2007, they don’t me appear when I install the game.
    I am trying to create a file of draft, but when I save it in format .csv, all data of the line remains in the first cell separated by point and comma.

    Anyone can help me please?


  35. Dwen Duke says:

    I ordered and payed for your Jump Shot basketball game but couldn’t download it because when I clicked on the link you sent me a message that the site did not exist. Iwould like to get the game I payed for. How do I get it?

  36. Stuart says:

    Does the purchased jsb have 2010 roster / league now?
    p.s how are the updates going?

  37. joesmith says:

    any word on the latest roster update??

  38. Dean Allman says:

    Wow, no responses.

  39. JSB Crew says:

    I’m working on JSB now. Some more personal and health issues. When I have a chance I work on the new JSB but I need to clean up the current version first. Rosters and the issues here are current priority.

  40. Shane says:

    Does this game need any additional files as I can’t seem to get things running after I lost my backup of my league files I had to start over and things keep crashing…

  41. Laurent says:


    my name is laurent. I am a customer of Jump Shot pro basketball for years now and I love this game.

    I would have an interest to do a rugby simulation (almost like jump shot) in the future. Do you have an idea of how much does the development of such a game would cost approximately? Would you be interested to work on the development for me ? Can we discuss it ?

    Also i was wondering if I can use teams names and players names without a specific license ?

    thanks in advance for your answers

    a loyal customer

  42. John Tucker says:

    I am trying to find the rookie files. I cannot find where they might be. I would like to create my own rookies by changing the rookie files. Can anyone help me?

  43. Joe says:

    Was wondering if anyone (including Shot Sports) has a legacy version JSB 4.37. It was just the freeware trial version. Used to run it with my son. Now I have a grandson I would like to introduce it to but my install has become corrupted and get a Visual C++ error so it won’t load anymore. Was hoping if I reinstall it will work again. I don’t really want to take the time to learn the newer versions. Just want the simple interface for my six year old newbie. Anyone help me out?

  44. Joe says:

    Have been been playing around with JSB 4.37 for about six years. Was running just fine until suddenly I get the following message. It no longer runs.
    “Visuall (not my spelling) C++ MFC Game Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. For more information about this error, click here. (underlined)”
    From there, the “click here” takes you to the code which I have no clue how to decipher. Can anyone suggest a fix or have that version of the program saved to re-install?

  45. Jason Winthrop says:

    Hi Frank,

    I am a long time registered user of JSB but it is prompting me for a rego code for Version 5.60. I also would like to know how I can get 5.61 and whether we are still getting the new game “Courtside something or other” for those that loyally purchased the full version.

  46. Bruce says:

    Will there be any update for this season? Any roster updates from last year? Anything? I do realize that you have personal issues that take priority over the game and the development of your new game. However, as one who has bought the game many times (just rebuy on new computers rather as easiest way) and who loves the game, would really appreciate if there was any way you could just give updates of some sort on some regular basis on your website. And, yes, I do see the April 6, June 25, and August 1 posts under support but honestly they don’t really tell us very much. Love the game. It’s underpriced. Understand it’s not your priority. But any news, even bad news, is better than no news or virtually none. Thank you.

  47. Alfred says:

    In my voyage to find a suitable replacement for JSB I bought a recent text sim release and find that it still lacks in certain things that JSB provides.

    The newer game I bought seems to bulky for my taste and more emphasis on how “pretty” it is as opposed to how well it plays.

    JSB has it’s flaws to be sure but I am still looking forward to ANY progress on it to make it better or this ever elusive sequal.

    JSB Crew are you out there?

  48. Dean says:

    Is this project still underway or is it dead?

  49. Bruce says:

    Sounds like Frank or his family must be going through health problems again for which I’m very sorry. However, someone is approving the comments we’re writing and posting and it would be very appreciated if they or Frank or anyone with knowledge could just update us. Certainly any health issues are more important but just a few words would be greatly appreciated.

  50. Cris says:

    Exactly my thoughts and what I commented a few months ago. But my comments for some reason were not approved. We know someone reads these and approves the comments judging by the fact people’s comments show up. Problem is there is no update. I had an issue with my game and i posted a comment requesting some assistance and no one bothered to even reply. I mean, you take my money for the game but I cant get some assistance?

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